Sunflower Hulls Pellets

Sunflower hulls pellets

Sunflower husks are by-product that can be used as a biomass fuel. We аre very proud that by compressing the sunflower husks into pellets our company is environmentally friendly and waste free.

The sunflower pellets we produce are cylindrical in shape and their average length is between 10 to 30mm & diameter of 8 mm. They can be used for energy production and the benefits from using them are:

Environmentally friendly

Their CO2 emission when burnt is zero

High calorific value

(from 4.3 – 4.5 kw/kg)
Just for comparison this calorific value is comparable with coal

High durability

Important for transportation and high uniformity of fuel

Lower price

Compared to other plant and solid fuels

Great industrial and domestic applications

Chart of sunflower husk characteristics

Chemical parameters:

Moisture: 13% +- 2% –

Oil content: 5% +- 2%

Calorific value: min 19 000 kJ/kg

Ash Content: 2.5%

Sulphur content: < 0.5%


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